Project Description

Installation Sizes: 12m, 6 m, 30cm. Light Boxes: 50x60x10 cm.

“Time document of one tree” is project which exist out light boxes and an installation. For a long period Box was searching for a way to visualise the impact of the climate on nature and how time left visible traces. When she had to chop down a tree, a beautiful time document was shown in the annual rings. By showing the time frames of trees we can go back in time and read them like a history books. Periods of cold and dryness are readable in the annual rings. You can see the age of the tree counting the rings. If we look at the enormous database of tree annual rings up to 2500 years ago, we see that climate change cohere with political unrest and famine for example. The fact that a tree (annual rings) can tell us so much about the impact of climate towards human society is of big importance especially nowadays.

Lightboxes: Size: 49,5 x 39 x 8 cm. Material: five sheets of glass, birch wood, prints and led.

Iris Box explores the concept of time by overlapping numerous photos of a single tree into one work. In the lightboxes we can actually look through the tree as a röntgen photo by combining different cross sections of one tree from top to bottom. The five glass layers between each photo create depth in the work. In this way the process of transformation can be seen of a 27th year old Ash (Fraxinus) growing, bending, splitting and sometimes being damaged.

Installation: Size: 12 x 4 x meter Material: Ash tree wood

The three-dimensional sculpture contains about 2000 slices of the same tree. These slices are cross sections of one single tree from top to bottom.