Iris Box is a multidisciplinary artist born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (1987). In her work Box investigates the relationship between human and his natural environment. By rearranging and reconstructing her natural surrounding she combines differentials and opposites to create together an unity. And creating a notion by humans about the temporarily and fragile state of the earth.  She regards reality as an unlimited field of differentials, which move disorderly alongside each other and together form the unity of being. In her work she celebrates life in an elegant way as well as its transience.

From 2006 to 2010 she studied photography at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. After starting her own photo studio, she decided to do her master’s at the Sandberg Institute (Materialization in Art and Design) from 2015 to 2017.

Her work has been exhibited in art spaces such as Looiersgracht 60, EYE Amsterdam, De Vishal, Burgerweeshuis, Vishal, Projectspace Lauriergracht 160, Zoete-Broodjes. Temporary Art Center, Antiques Fair “S Hertogenbosch and & Foam.

Her work has been published in Hollands Diep and Volkskrant Magazine. She has done commissioned work for advertising agencies and organizations such as Nederlands Dans Theater, Pakhuis de Zwijger, Kessels Kramer, Cloudfactory, Rituals and smaller companies.