Project Description

Installation Sizes: 12m, 6 m, 30cm.

Light Boxes: 50x60x10 cm.

 Time document of one tree 2016
“Nature is beautiful because it is full of inherited memories of the engendering and birthing of millions”. (Rilke)

‘Time document of one tree’ is an installation, which contains different objects (sculpture, prints and light-boxes). The three-dimensional sculpture contains about 2000 slices of the same tree. These slices are cross sections of one single tree from top to bottom. These slices are photographed bit by bit so the whole tree is in one file.
In the lightboxes we can actually look through the tree as a Rontgen photo by combining different cross section  of different heights of the tree. In this way you can see the process of transformation of 27th year old tree growing, bending, splitting and sometimes being damage.