Project Description

Fragments of Life

Sizes: 6m, 2,5 m, 3,10 m Material: glass, wood, bone, leaves, moss, clay, stone, hair and more

Fragments of Life is installation initially designed for the Engelmundus church in 2019. By working with landscape and natural objects Box tries to understand bigger abstract natural phenomena. By rearranging the landscape she tries to help people notice nature once again. And creating a notion by humans about the temporarily and fragile state of the earth.
The shape of the work is inspired by a starling swarm and floats loose in space. Many and varied objects are tied to each thread, all of which have to do with nature. The work is personal because each part is collected during wanderings or is taken from the artist’s immediate environment. The objects therefore vary from pieces of lava rock to rosehips and from dog hair to fishbone. The whole is a literal and figurative light whole in which life is celebrated in an elegant way as well as its transience.
Special thanks to: Pieter van den Boogert, Marijn van der Leeuw, Han Ruiz Buhrs, Marc Slings, Daan Mars, Jip van den Dool