Project Description


Our studio has created the design for the DOGWOMAN piece. The poster and the design of the decor were created in collaboration with theater maker Joske de Koning. The piece questions of you can break the relationship with your mother. “The body is not lying. It wants to be loyal and at the same time remain its own boss. If it is hurt, it resists, if it is evil, it whines and if it is liberated, it sucks itself full of air. The connection with my physical truth is my strength. The drama is in my head as soon as I have to make that truth known. ” -Joske. The decor shows a studio setting parts of the human body can be found. The hands, abdomen and wood are plaster elements in the decor.

Joske Koning

Final Direction:

Espen Hjort:

Text guidance:
Eva Jansen Manenschijn
Annemarie Jansen

Concept and Text: