Project Description

BLACK MATTER Black Matter- The presence of absence.

Size: 60cmx84cm Material: Photography prints

Sixty-nine percent of our universe exists of darkness. This darkness contains black holes, in a region in the astronomic space that absorbs all matter, even light. Black holes are endless gravitational round black shapes that cause movement; they expand and shrink over time, all the while swallowing entire galaxies and stars.

If darkness has such a big share in our existence why do we know so little about it? Is black just the absence of colour and light? How do you create darkness?

And what does it means to created ‘nothing’? By constructing the landscape by adding and taking away existing materials, round shapes appeared. These round black shapes are made perfect in order to communicate their abstract nature to others. Maybe they are the black holes of universe I found on earth. The temporary sculptures are made of natural locally available materials. After creating them they will dissolve again.

In this work I play with perspective and light. These round black shapes where only visible from one specific point of view. If you moved your camera one inch the situation was not visible and was just an ordinary landscape. These black holes do lay unnoticed most of the time. I must have also missed many. It is my intention to find these hidden angles and show invisible worlds also for other people to see. I captured the half-human half-natural sculptures through photography.