Een nieuwe installatie van seriële objecten ‘Low-hanging clouds’ van Dik Box en ander werk in City Art Rotterdam.

Foto serie in samenwerking met Iris Box

Opening op zondag 22 februari om 15.00 uur door: Thomas Roskam, voorzitter van de gebiedscommissie Noord. De muzikale omlijsting wordt verzorgd door de saxofonist Zane Wayne Massey. Ter afsluiting om 20.00 uur een optreden van de Rotterdamse mathematische hardrockband Tools of Cynic. Toegangskaarten aan de deur bij City Art Rotterdam à € 5,00.

Tentoonstelling te zien van: 23 februari t/m 2 april 2015 Openingstijden: donderdag en vrijdag van 15.00 uur tot 19.00 uur en tevens op afspraak; Adres: Insulindestraat 248, 3037 BL Rotterdam

Bobbi meets Art

Episode #3 Bobbi meets Marcin Dudeck

Bobbi meets Art

Episode #2 Bobbi meets Ronald de Winter

Bobbi meets Art

Episode #1 Bobbi meets Will Beckers

Made a flyer for theatre play “More”

Tostifabriek in newspaper De Volkskrant

Cinecenter installation is finished !

Installation view

Tostifabriek in newspaper Parool

TOT in Nieuwsuur

Talk in What’s up

TOT in het Foam!

TOT in het Foam!

TOT in het Foam

TOT present there first book “24,95”

 Initiative TOT presents a book ‘24,95’

– Four photographers examine the changes in the world of photography-

Four eager photographers, eager for inspiration and success in their job.They examine their future in the creative industry in this book ‘24,95’.

To what extent do they have to conform to the requirements of commerce?

The photographers had to deal with different uncertainties in the last couple of years: Can we still make money with art and creativity? Are there different paths to take, are there alternatives? By working in various manifestations of these questions, some times playful and other times more serious, they try to bring the current changes in photography in map. These four photographers from TOT know how to connect commerce to photography in a quirky way. The different studies they have done are now bundled in a handmade book ‘24,95’, released in a limited edition of 100 pieces. With texts from photo critic Johan de Vos (de Standaard and de Volkskrant) and writer Marten Mantel (Editor Vice Magazine). The book will be presented on July 24 form 17.00-21.00 (5 till 9) in the POP-IN STORE from Foam in Amsterdam.


/// Iris Box, Hillie de Rooij, Sanne Maloe Slecht en Merce Wouthuysen form the initiative TOT. They all work as individual self-employed photographers since 2010. They force their powers, visions an experiences. And from there on once every six months they occur in various ways to the outside.


-“Try to be restless with them” – Johan de Vos



Title: 24,95

Concept: Iris Box, Hilly de Rooij, Sanne Maloe Slecht and Merce Wouthuysen.

Authors: Marten Mantle and Johan de Vos

Graphic design: Janneke de Rooij

Published: in house

Size: 31 x 25cm

Edition: 100 (limited edition)

De Donkere Kamer #8

Last video I made for De Donkere Kamer

Tell- sell video for promotion exhibition TOT 2

Teaser TOT 2