Stenenhoofd, Amsterdam 2013
In cooperation with Tobias Jansen and Sascha Landshoff

As a tribute to the winter and the ice in the world we organized a diner with the traditional Dutch recipe called Spek en Bonen (Bacon and Beans). Tobias and Sascha serve the diner and I took care of the Iceberg.

We have been celebrating the winter and the Iceberg on the coldest day of the year. I was discouraged about the global warming issue, and decided to throw a party where we would celebrate the beauty of the winter.

The installation I made consists of a steal table. The top of the table is very thin so the warmth of the fire can go immediately to the mountain which is made from wax. During the hours the wax is melting and the mountain slowly reduce.

During this performance the wax was flowing into the fire. It resulted into a big fire.